Most of the small businesses are embracing new digital evolution. You can start with the initial shift to cloud accounting software podium. Business practices which are scaffold with cloud accounting software gives the potential scope to get integrated with perpetually expanding fintech solutionsFintech solution has the competency to make your business coordinate with modern day notion and making your employees and customer assurance, about the business practices of online accounting software.

Why Fintech is a must for your business
Why Fintech is a must for your business

Reach accountant is an online accounting software which is cloud based provides you with the fintech solutions by its digital robot ‘Reach Robo’ which is a modern day bot. Reach Robo can interact with you to resolve your problems and even provide you with its own or a third party fintech solutions. With us you can make your accounting process  fast and accurate and also you can make automatic bookkeeping management, ledger book management, automatic tracking of expenses and revenues by synchronizing your bank account with the software, automatic raising of quotes and invoices and sending it to your customers and billing at the point of sales POS. You can just go deeper and deeper into the business intelligence by incorporating online accounting software embedded with fintech solutions. So here are the few tools of a fintech which can provide you with amazing business solutions and customer services for your small business.

Smart data in putter
Every business will have lot of paper work and calculations to be done and also there are also large amounts of data entry which is labour intensive and very tedious, at times the work goes on for days and weeks together but you can simply cut down all this by just scanning the receipts, files and documents and thus the data is automatically gets extracted from the receipts in the form of print text and get distributed into the respective reports and transactions of your accounts which not only allows you to maintain and manage the accounting process very fast and accurate but keeps complete tracking in bookkeeping and ledger books and you also get into the real time experience with the current actual numbers in your bank accounts by synchronizing your bank account with the online accounting software. It can make your business functions and accounting system to carry out with more ease and comfort.

Automatic card less payments from clients
Fintech can provide you a solution to card less payments from your clients on monthly or quarterly or half yearly or annual due amount automatically without any effort and also hassle free . The payment due amount can be automatically debited from the customer bank account by integrating it with the customer online accounting software.  Business owners need not have to go around for payments and also the clients can save on late payment fee or charges, time, energy and travel charges. So you are spared of chasing most of your regular and stable clients for the payment due.

Smart business advisor
Small business owners required futuristic business trend prediction, forecasting and complex reporting for their business by using the information and data from the online accounting software that can provide you to arrive at a reliably good decision making. With a single click your online accounting software dashboard can provide you with your customer’s contact details, information and current status with your company and also delivering short and long term strategic managing and controlling the inward and out ward cash flows. With the help of the fintech your online accounting software can automatically sent an email to customers to make the invoices become overdue. At times whenever there is a late payment or check bounce on customer account side. Your online accounting software can automatically sent notifications or alerts regarding late payment or check bounce details to your customer. All these can be done automatically by customer’s online accounting software. So you can just totally control your inflows and outflows with it.

Smart intelligence to make better business practicing system
Get better business practicing systems by improving the way you control and operate your business. With the help of fintech you can enhance your internal business practicing systems by its own cloud based online accounting software. You can manage your business processes like raising invoice and sending to your customers, sending automatic alerts or email to your clients. Updates and up gradation of the software and any new product launches everything will get automatically dispatched by cloud accounting system. Fintech enables you to provide best tailor made product and services to your client which is the need of the day. Evolve your way of providing best services to your clients and also by embracing the cloud accounting software with the fintech solutions you can maintain transparency and reliability with your clients. So you can just renovate your business practices and the way you work with your clients and see the result, it will be amazingly best.

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