It is only in recent times, instant messages keep up the trend. Over 3 million people and above have installed one messaging app either with Facebook Messenger or Whats app. Many teenagers spend more time on smart phones sending instant messages rather using social network.

What is the difference between a Food Ordering App and a Food Bot?
What is the difference between a Food Ordering App and a Food Bot

The users demand is wavering and their enthusiasm keeps fluctuating as they find downloading apps they get exhausted because q quarter of all downloaded apps go useless in single use. The number of mobile apps increases and meanwhile the size of the mobile screen decreases. It is getting harder to download, set up, manage and switch among many apps on the mobile device. Many mobile users have reduced the number of apps in their mobile.

What are chat bots?

Text based services have been around since the dawn of internet time. Chat bots are text based services which help the users in checking the news, organizing meetings, ordering food or booking a flight through short messages. Bots usually work by artificial intelligence but definitely relying on humans.

Like the app economy, the bot economy also needs business leaders like Microsoft and Facebook. Most smart phones are controlled by operating systems of Apple or Google. In contrary, the bot is an open place and hence Microsoft and Facebook have opened their messaging platforms to all sorts of bots and thereby an online shop with list of services.

A Bot versus an app

The bots also called as ‘invisible apps’ are smoother to use. Installation of the bots can be done in seconds and the switching among bots does not require any tapping on another app icon. It will be more appealing to talk to bot than dealing with a customer support agent.

At the same time the job opportunity created by the app economy is enormous when compared to that of bot.

The bots can be easily developed and hence the competition among the developers is high which means the economics for them is not very attractive.  

Designing good text based interfaces can be confusing as the overwhelmed consumers may communicate with the bot in many different deviated methods. So the need for the set of readymade text in the form of phrases/sentences is to be met and to be available by taking the help of good script writers.

So we understand by now, that a chat bot is software that is kept on a messaging platform and is developed with the purpose of having interactions with humans through text or audio.

Food bots

But how can these bots contribute to restaurants – as Food Bots?

The process of ordering food becomes much easier in bots than apps. If anybody staying indoor feels like having a food item say a sandwich, will they be door delivered by a magic? Yes it is possible; not with the help of a robot but the next best thing-the bot- the Food Ordering Bot. this happens just by texting the bot, which would be a part of Facebook Message or any other popular messaging app. If it is through food ordering app, one has to search for some online restaurant, check around till the required one is found and then to click for the order to get placed.

Many food companies are jumping on in to this trend which enables the consumers’ interaction that will have people talking with a robot about what they are craving to eat.

Food bot allows restaurants and food delivery companies to build food ordering chat bots for taking orders directly from popular messengers.

The chat bots will answer questions about the day’s deals and specials so as to give people to get to know many brands

The vital difference between a food ordering app and a food bot is one need not worry about downloading anything new or shuffling between websites. Bots are more personalised than apps or websites thus providing a better user service and experience.

The way how the websites replaced the client applications, in the same way the messaging bots are replacing the mobile apps. Following today’s technology, bots are the only ones that can interact with humans over chat using Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Learning Processing). Like humans can read and write message the bots also can be programmed to carry out automated actions. Bots can initiate action and they can automate conversations, transactions or workflow. Initiating a conversation does not require any download. It is the most natural way to communicate and transact.

Chat bots, the frontier of customer engagement will lead to work cut out for tech companies and corporates though. Bots will co-exist in people’s smart phones along with websites, apps and other things which may be invented in the time to come. Let us ever remember that the mobile world will be keep changing but it always be a mixed affair.

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