The food bot is basically software that is set on a message platform and is developed with the objective of having interaction with humans through text or audio. Following today’s Technology trends, bots are the only choice that can interact over chat with Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

What are the Challenges faced by Restaurants and solutions given by Bots
What are the Challenges faced by Restaurants and solutions given by Bots

With a bot we can have our favourite food delivered at our door steps from a nearest an finest Restaurant. This is done just by texting the bot, which is a part of a Facebook Messenger or any other popular messaging app. Just like in the food ordering app, we have to search for a restaurant online, but the difference is, with bot, we don’t have to download anything new or shuffling among websites. Bots are more personalized than app thus providing a wonderful experience to the users.

Same way a bot can be a boon for a restaurant owner too in improving his business. Through manual processes the difficult tasks for an owner become his real challenges but can be handled smoothly by the bots. Some of the challenges faced by the restaurant owners along with the solutions by the bots are briefed as follows:

1. Slow delivery and ordering process
As the owner of the restaurant when you use an app, to take food order, most of the times it becomes tiresome and hectic. This is because the facility for tracking order is not well provided. Sometimes, when you are able to track your order also, it takes much time to check if your order has been dispatched.

In the other hand, bots will enable you to make the delivery faster and order processing transparent. The bot will notify you once the order is done and / or is on the way to the customer’s place.

2.No track of order patterns of Regular customers
Once the customers like your place and a particular set of food items, they tend to order the same food in your place only over and over again. The food ordering apps can save one’s favourite dishes for placing an order in future. But one has to again take the pain of re look at it by browsing, which again may be a waste of time,

Bots can take this one step further by reminding what the customer ha the last few times, when did he have it and sometimes what the occasion was. This helps the customer and the owner to get notified that they can avail/allow some discount on this repeating their previous order. When a customer who likes to repeated list of food of his wish is also given a discount let us understand how this will help the owner in getting more business.

3. Not keeping track of loyal customers
Any business becomes successful once its customers are satisfied. These customers will stick on to the restaurant appreciating the quality of food or the hospitality of the staff. These are called as loyal customers and should the owner honour such customers or not? This is again going to be the icon of the restaurant. But the problem is how to keep a track of such customers?

It is possible to make the customers know that the restaurant values them. Using food bots, restaurants can notify the customers about special offers or loyalty points that they are offering the regular customers. Thus the restaurant can perform the duty of  offering some special treatment to the loyal customers.

4. No customer feedback to assess performance
Most of the customers do not bother to pass on their opinion or review on the food and service to the restaurant where they had their meal. This is due to so many reasons one being there is no provision to do so. Do restaurants look for feedback? Of course yes. Because a business organization can grow only when it follows the quality concept called as ‘continuous improvement’. However good a restaurant is, it should be updating itself by considering the customers’ feedback as one of the parameters.

The bots will ask the customers to give their feedback once they are done with their meals. This is a quick feedback process for the customers to give it in no time and for the restaurants a big opportunity to analyse and improve their business.

5. Not able to consider customers’ preferences:
Customers would be very happy and thankful if their food preferences and taste are considered by the restaurants. For example, if a customer is a vegetarian and by remembering this by the previous order, the restaurant displays only vegetarian items in the menu, the love for the restaurant by the customer will increase and no doubt the restaurant now has got one more loyal customer in its list. But how will a restaurant keep track of various preferences of different customers to provide them?

Bots are capable of preserving customers’ data through its Machine learning and will pop only the preferred list of food items to each customer.
To sum up, the online food business has become simpler with these bots. The restaurant can provide the customers what they want from the comfort of their homes and with these food bots, any challenges can be solved.

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