Technology keeps creating impacts in our daily lives and with the emergence of mobile devices and cloud computing, the impact now is more than ever. We find a high piece of hardware or software around us and the impact is more in the food and restaurant industry also.

Top technology trends that can impact restaurant business in 2017

Technology has in filtered the industry in all aspects like online reservation, social media integration and new payment methods over a period of time. These advances have served to improve the experience of both the restaurants and the customers. Customers are already signing credit card bills with their fingers on touch screens and using apps to order food online at restaurants and hotels.

It can be challenging for the restaurants to stay up to date on current technology trends as the cost of hardware and software are to be taken for consideration. Investing in staff training to get the most out of the investment in technology is a real task. Still consumers prefer more from the restaurants to do effective online services and to have in-restaurant tech.

They think the technology amenities in a restaurant are very important and they prefer mobile friendly websites to place orders online. Some even expect the restaurant to offer kid-friendly tech such as games tablets.

With all these expectations, in the past 10 years, restaurants been slowly adopting new technology and started increasing the level of technology so that they become more efficient in managing the business. This has given a shift from the cash register to high-tech online reservation system as well as automated ordering systems.

2016 has led the restaurants to some tests and developments which made voice recognition in restaurants a success and 2017 will be the year of voice.

Point of sale system (POS) was the first revolutionary technology by restaurants through which the practice of taking hand written orders was eradicated. The major advantage of POS was the servers no longer had to remember or give pricing in hand written which ultimately gave a positive effect on service quality.

These all were just beginning and there are other innovative technologies that improve the way restaurants do business-in kitchen and in the tables. Like POS, other technology trends which that are expected to make an impact in the restaurant business in coming years are as follows:

Touch screen food vendors

These are digital boxes producing at most variations of the treats in very short span of time. These have the potential to dispense more than 100 items from one touch screen device.

Fast food restaurants and grab and go food stalls could benefit more by these machines as it needs less staffing and thereby acts economical to the restaurant.

Tablet Restaurant Manager

This flexible I pad app provides a real time glance of tables, catalogs the menu by a selection’s name or ingredients, processes sales and delivery tickets and sends orders to kitchen. Those restaurants looking for a complete renovation or those who want to start newly can go for this.

Automatic Bio-diesel convertors

Any restaurant that makes business with their fryers, can earn extra money by doing recycling. This is an eco friendly innovation where the used vegetable and animal oil is converted to industrial grade bio diesel and the restaurants can either sell this or fuel their own diesel vehicles with this diesel.

LED Alert System

This system gives alerts to the workers of the restaurants to time sensitive tasks like when the vessels are washed. This is done by illuminating the floor under the dish washing sink. Any busy cooking area can be benefited by these illuminated alerts than a sound alert which may disturb the customers having food in the dining area.

Web Cam enabled Monitoring

This technology helps the restaurant business owners in monitoring the employees engaged in the food preparation in the kitchen and others in other work place sites as well. This has to be done to check if any defiance with the quality of the food and the safety of the place.

Besides these technology trends, there are always food ordering apps– the direct technology -handled by the customers in making an online order either to book a table or to take home or to get delivered at their door step. People benefit by finding all details about a restaurant in their locality to choose where they can go and enjoy a good meal by spending their hard earned money.

With a better understanding of the technology, any industry will have a better chance for flourishing. And in risky times those who are in the correct side of the equation only will have the definite chance of existing and thereby surviving

Technology helps the restaurants to be more efficient and effective in the areas they feel can be restructured by hardware and software. But if used wrongly, it can do a great damage to the restaurant business – as it does in any other business.


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