For a foodie, food is not just a material to satisfy his craving for food or his growling stomach but also gives joy and bliss to his soul. For him, food means a true love. Food creates beautiful memories in one’s mind which are worth preserving for life time. May it be a big elaborate course of meal from a restaurant or a small munch snack from a bakery, a foodie would give his life and soul to the treat. These days we see foodies have different food ordering apps on their smart phones – not for just ordering food alone but also to glance at the images of the food items displayed.

Top reasons why Food ordering app is a must for bakery business

Bakeries have spread over the world and it is no more the place for only western and eastern people. Bakeries meet the need of the people irrespective of the time, as the eateries are apt for taking as breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Since the intake by the people from these bakeries have increased over a period of time and unlike restaurants the period of food stay time in bakeries is longer, now running a bakery has become a very good profitable business.

At the same time, one should not forget that there is always a set of challenges in doing a business. The one in the bakery business is not an exception and he knows the pain of taking down the orders and then to sort down through all the hard copies. The solution for this problem has now emerged in the form of food ordering apps.

By using these food ordering apps, the bakery owner can record, manage track and create bakery orders. Everything is done through a smart phone and enables the owner to run his business efficiently. By this food app, one can record customers’ information, the list of cakes and bakes, their types and flavors and this lead to the opportunity of taking multiple orders and the customers’ approval can be got via signature capture.

These food apps bring in two types of customers. They are registered and non-registered customers. What is the difference between these two? Non-register customers will have only limited access to the system and they can view products, add to cart or wish list and view charts or details only.

In the other hand, the registered customers are the people who have the privilege to access the system and hence they can purchase products, receive SMS notifications, edit profile, view or cancel the orders, print receipt and also view order status. Additionally the owners can use the PDF generator to email the customers for reference or save it for audit purpose.

The following points to be remembered by the bakery owners to make the business a great success with good revenue:

  1. Get to know

In the midst of hundreds of bakeries and ice cream parlors running in the city, a food ordering apps usage will make the bakery to be a prominently available one to the local people. The food apps are boons to those bakeries with many branches as they give a location tracking map to the customers. Getting integrated with social media like face book, what’s app is another way by which this app helps one bakery to become popular.

  1. Mode of payment

The food ordering apps give so many payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card etc. to the customers. Most of the customers prefer cash on delivery and they go to those bakeries with this feature. And the bakery also can enjoy the smooth transaction of the payment.

  1. Deals and offers

The food ordering apps keeps track of the regular customers and in order to honor them, special discounts and deals can be offered by the bakery owner. Also festival time special offers can be intimated to the customers through these food apps, which mean money saving for the bakery from printing broaches.

  1. Customized orders and deliveries

The food ordering apps provides the customers a customized menu that helps them to decide their main dishes and choose the extra attachments like toppings, fillings etc. for example, instead of telling just a wrap, the order can be more specific, by saying whether it is chicken or beef and whether to take away or to get delivered.

  1. Marketing and branding

The food ordering apps allow the customers to add tags and captions to the images of the eateries jot down notes and input the date and location and thus the bakeries enjoy this review as they fetch new business for them.

  1. Tracking the order

Both owners and the customers can keep a track of the status of an order as these food ordering apps have UI (user-interface). This will ensure the timely and smooth delivery of the food items so as to gain the customer’s satisfaction.

  1. More innovations

Some bakeries provide recipes through food apps with all cuisines, a menu planner and a grocery list. Nutritional facts for a particular recipe can also be found on request from the customer’s side. The customers can save, edit or upload their own recipe as well. Such provisions will bring in more customers and thereby develop the bakery business.

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