Eating out in London or even in most parts of U.K. is a very expensive business. If we are aware of bargains to be made and the places to look for such bargains, it will definitely be a heavenly experience to eat food of your choice. So what is the source to look for such affordable and suitable places? Here comes the use of food ordering apps for anybody who just owns a i-phone or android. The food ordering apps with several features enable the customers in finding out the correct place for eating.

Top 6 food ordering apps in UK
Top 6 food ordering apps in UK

6 Food Ordering Apps in UK are as follows:

1. Open table:
This app handles reservations for 80% of London’s eateries by providing restaurant discounts on everything from quick bites to fine dining in 4000+ restaurants in U.K. this app offers searches on nearby restaurants and the provision to book food online. This app helps us have all of London’s free tables at our fingertips. Just to type in the required location, this app will display the closest restaurants with the real time availability and it allows us to book with a simple click of button. Besides we can browse menus, read reviews from the customers and one step ahead can include special requests with our reservation .Every time we dine, we earn points which can be later cashed at our future dining visits in other restaurants too.

2.British Food:
British food is the food ordering app for those who are great lovers of street foods. This handy little app not only helps us find out the best street food in Britain but also gives the details of the Britain’s food traders. It shares attractive photographs of yummy food and lets you review your own treats. It also has a live GPS map tracking the newest vendor and makes food accessible to everyone. It is with this app, getting everything from Kangaroo burger to tasty homemade bakes has become very easy.

Through this app, the customers can vote to choose the best restaurant offering good street foods –category wise-best burger, best sandwich, best dessert etc and this award has been given annually. Such awards given are as follows:  the best of the best (sponsored by Santa Maria) and the people’s choice (sponsored by NCASS) .

3.Reach Robo:
Unlike some AI bots which can lead to a repetitive and unpleasant user experience, ReachRobo Food Ordering Chatbot is straight forward and easy to use. With the options provided by our chatbot customers can have a more pleasant food ordering experience. Businesses don’t have to be a big player in the Market to adapt to these modern trends. Reach Accountant has made it possible for the small businesses across the globe to combine the Food Tech, inventory and Accounting on the go at an affordable price.

4.Table Pouncer:
This food ordering app will be suitable for those who look for money saving deals which are available in some of London top restaurants. We just have to pick from Table Pouncer’s selection of London restaurants and select one of the excellent last minute deals. Still, this App lets us look into the reviews, browse restaurant photos and tempting menu, before booking. Pounce on their table to enjoy delicious food at bargain prices which definitely gives savings up to 65% on our bill.

How does it work?

    • Find a great restaurant offering last minute deal
    • Book a table by entering your details
    • Confirm your booking by paying a small booking fee
    • Receive your booking confirmation by SMS and present I to the restaurant
    • A huge saving will be automatically applied to your bill after your meal

5.Food Spotting:
This App acts as our own visual guide to London’s most delicious dishes. It has everything from Doughnut to pizza and Frozen yoghurt and sushi using the interactive GPS map of this food ordering app. One can locate the restaurants where the favorite food items are available. Also one can recommend their tasty treat to other Londoners. To put it in a nutshell, this app is referred as ‘London food celebration’.

These apps allow customers to share great dishes by tagging food images in social media. Through this app one can share a favourite dish by uploading the photo and including the location. Those who spot 5 or more foods in the same category become a dish expert and earn reputation points.

6.London on a Plate:
People say that London on a plate is more holistic than a traditional city guide and the app embraces every sensory aspect of food culture from taste to quality. This app is a fantastic free guide to find some of the best upmarket restaurants in the city. This is voted one of the capital’s best apps. One can choose from breakfast or lunch or afternoon tea, this app will list out UK’s best as well as closest restaurants.

‘To cook’ is an option in this app, which can be selected to get simple and easy to follow recipe instructions and that too from London’s top chefs. But where can one find these ingredients and vegetables and fruits? So here comes the specialty of this app that is the market finder through which one can find the source of ingredients and vegetables needed for the dish they have chosen.

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