The significant effect of cloud computing revolution has led to the development of Business apps which can make businesses grow and simultaneously makes it manageable with more ease and comfort. It lets your customers get connected with their work task automatically at anytime from anywhere to the any device such as laptop, desktop, mobile phone and tablet and also moving the data between them internally and externally from the business.

Top 10 business apps to grow your small business

Here are the some of the business apps which has been said to be on rise in popularity. As we have decided its analysis into two sections the fast growing new in market apps with the ones that are fastest growing established apps. Listed in Alphabetical order.

It’s a cloud based company which facilitates the service of email marketing or advertising through email campaign that stores all the clients contact details and manages to view it and whenever you want to run a campaign the app automates the marketing channels and also gives you a full view of the campaign statistics. It does helps in providing advertising edge to your company.

This is a service app which lets your customers check their business schedule schedules appointments meetings and calendar business calendars it is a cloud based web based it is a web based service which can be accessed from any device by using web browser and you can also get latest updates automatically synchronize with your appointments which can be kept consistent on all the devices uses you used.

Agile CRM
This app is a customer relationship management app with Marketing strategies and tools. When you are on the go in a particular place you can get updated with the tasks and deals of the place. You can get snapped up with the new marketing opportunities and also it is an intuitive interface which provides enough easy to capture trade leads.

This app is a combination of both spreadsheets as well as database. It is very easy to use online database. Anyone from any background r field like advertising to agriculture to educational background to individuals can organize they schedules, work, life and tasks by using this app. You can also make easy checklist to get organized with your work. You can now also set your collections and ideas in an organized manner with dates and different categories. You can manage your clients information and contacts and they status with your company. You can store all your files and data or make your own shopping list or to-do notes all at one place.

Google sheets app
Google spreadsheets are most sought after apps as it is a substitute to the Excel spreadsheets. It lets you share data from the spreadsheets to the other. It enables you to work on the same work spreadsheet with other users at any time and from any place. It is a cloud based app which automatically saves and wraps up your input data on the cloud. So there are little chances of losing you work.

HubSpot CRM
This app helps you to make a good customer to maintain a good customer relationship with your customer care it’s a free customer relationship management for sales people to know the customer information details and their prospects it helps you to stay connected with your team and as well as a business aspect and networking from any where you are it lets you to accomplish all your work and task virtually.

Office 365
It is a Microsoft product. It is a cloud-based entity and can be accessed from anyway. You can add, edit, delete and block the users. It also enables the users to assign and send notifications to get service alerts and updates. It is an online productivity suite.

It is a most trending to do app available to get your things done and manage your time and work to balance with. It is used to keep a track of all the work and task according to date, time, person, place and project wise. You can have all your important information at hand on the go. You can have a personal shopping list or agenda items to discuss at work. It helps to set reminder for whatever work to do at home or office right on your mobile phone.

Reach Accountant
Reach Accountant
is a cloud based accounting software app with the CRM Dash board. You can do and manage your business accounting on the go from anywhere on any device like a desktop laptop, mobile phone and tablet. You can virtually make yourself present to your business employees and also to the clients. You can work remotely from anywhere with your employee or team as the dashboard provides you with the multi user facility from anywhere. You can get your accounts done. You can raise invoices, do billing at the point of sale POS, automatically create and send quotes and invoices to your clients. They have launched a robot called Reach Robo a conversation bot, you just need to say ‘Hi’ and it helps you in your business acting as your business advisor.

This is a communication and collaboration app which can be used as a tool to call or message any person or group within your team or share and edit documents. It allows you to integrate with the other tools and services like Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive and many more.

These are the some of the top best apps which have earned a good name and position for their ability to make small businesses grow and flourish.

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