Gone are those days when people hesitated to eat in restaurants. A couple of decades back, I remember my grandmother and mother used to comment about those who bought outside food occasionally and branded them as ‘good for nothing’ and ‘Lazy goose’.  Obviously there were not many hotels and only few street side small huts were there where we could get simple evening snacks. Our father used to get biriyani for the whole family when he gets his bonus money. Guess what? Yes! One’s a year… I and my brother would wait for that D day. Then the hotels and restaurants took a mushroom growth and they slowly conquered the life of common men too! Eating in a restaurant is no more an extravagant thing and in fact people started looking for good hotels. People started visiting restaurants frequently along with their friends and family.

How restaurants can benefit from food ordering apps?
How restaurants can benefit from food ordering apps?

The demand for good food with good ambiance in the nearby areas became a challenge for the restaurant owners. Then the method of booking the tables in advance through phone calls came into practice. People used to take food home when they felt like having it in their place which now has taken the form of door delivery. With all these needs the restaurants faced great challenges to keep up the show without loss. Getting the details of good restaurants is made possible and easy by the help of information technological solutions and they are called as “Food Ordering Applications” or “Food Ordering Apps” in short.

Food has always played the major role in any occasion of our life. The interest of people for food is provoked by these food ordering apps by the restaurants. These days, pleasure of eating is not only in eating but also in glancing through the restaurant’s food ordering app. In fact the celebration starts well in advance by planning and having the app as reference! In this digitized world everybody has a smart phone and almost all of them prefer making things happen in one push of the button.

Well, we all know that the consumers/customers benefit a lot through these kinds of food ordering app which enable them to plan for an outing with good quality food in affordable price. All the aspects of the food app give them a broad outline on menu, images of the food items and interior, review, ranking, price, location, ambiance etc of the restaurant. May it be door delivery or booking table in advance everything has become tailor made for the customers.

Now how and what do these food ordering app do to the owners of the restaurants? Are they also equally benefited as the customers?

Certainly! The restaurant that uses apps to do customer service irrespective of its size and facilities is definitely flourishing than those who are not!

The food items are ordered online which results in less chaos between the server and customer. The confusion in telling orally and receiving is minimized. Many a time the complaint by the customers is that they do not get what they asked for and is a head ache for the restaurant staff. For instance the misunderstanding about the stuff of the paranthas!  The restaurant also can get away those customers who will drag to place orders as they struggle to take decision from the menu. If we take the chance of making orders over the phone, then too we cannot say it will be of a complete smooth transaction due to various technical faults.

Here comes the food ordering app in handy.  When most of the food is delivered on-line and few tables are booked in slots in advance, then automatically the restaurant will overcome the problem of over crowd. In this way, the restaurant also can cut short its expenditure on electricity and water. It need not spend much on printing the menu cards and coupons as they are given in food ordering app and hence the flexibility of changing the menu as and when required is there. The complete menu with price and offers can be frequently updated/ revised which helps the restaurant to provide its service without any controversy or complaint.

Any business will run and get developed merely on the customer satisfaction. The restaurants used to take the feedback from the customers once they finish eating and this was done as hard copies. That is the customers were requested to fill the feedback forms which was practically not a customer friendly practice. But these are now done by the customers themselves in the food ordering apps and these are reflected as ratings and reviews for the other people to understand about the restaurant. In case of faults, the restaurant has the chance to give explanation or to correct it which again earns a good image among the people who see these food ordering app. Through their review and rating, the restaurants can do a sell analysis or inspection and can rectify the short comings. After all, these applications give valuable insights to the owners about their business! Also the restaurant can get branded by its satisfied customers in the social media like face book, twitter, etc, thereby earning new customers.

Through these food ordering app, the restaurants can keep a track of the customers and can hold them by meeting their further interests and expectations. Last but not the least a restaurant owner can understand the trends and style of the other competitive restaurants through their food ordering app and can work on it. Because any progress in life is got from the critics of friends and praises of enemies; same way to succeed in business constant watch on the competitors is an unavoidable factor!

In present food industry food ordering apps has become a key part in the online ordering for restaurants and will play an even bigger role in the food service industry than it already is to endure the market competition and to serve your present and future customers in a better way.

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