The mobile devices like smart phones, tablets. Desktops and laptops that are connected to internet have become unavoidable parts of modern life. Through this technology many mobile applications are getting emerged by which people are able to purchase anything staying in their places which save their money and time. This facility of using app has entered food business too and we all know that online food ordering is a process of ordering food from a local restaurant through the webpage or app. Many restaurants allow customers to keep accounts with them to make the customers to order food conveniently and frequently.

How food ordering apps have changed the eating habits of a consumer

How does this food ordering app work? Through this food app, in general, a customer can search for a good restaurant in his location by filtering the restaurants through type of cuisine. Then he chooses the food items from the menu and places his desirable items. He decides whether to have the food by booking the table in advance or to pick up the food or to ask for a delivery by the restaurant at his doorstep. Provision for choosing the mode of payment is also available in the food ordering app, that is, the customer can go either for credit/debit card or cash on delivery option as he wants. Once a payment is made by the customer, a particular percentage of the payment is given to the food company by the restaurant.

With all these features, more number of customers turns towards online food services and this is also because of the increase of smart phone penetration. Since the convenience in taking online food is more and the chance of looking at the menu as a whole list, which is not possible in offline services, crave for eating restaurant foods has grown enormously. People get tempted by the images of the food item in the food ordering app and on seeing the menu they come to know about the new food items and also feel comfortable in planning the budget.

Anything which crosses a limit beyond the control will revert and can cause damage and this saying is definitely applicable for the quantum and quality of one’s food intake also. Most people, particularly the elderly ones, feared that the online food services would drag us into the habit of over eating and unsuitable eating which will result in many physical disorders like obesity, acidity and other intestinal problems. But in contrary, people of all ages and life style are gaining awareness on what they are eating and how much they are spending. They know that their love for those selected food items and repeating them will create a lack in certain types of food groups needed to maintain a healthy life. Awareness on diet, meal plan and consuming natural organic food also gained the momentum.

Understanding peoples knowledge, awareness and demand the food companies and restaurants too have jumped into the technology trends which support the consumers’ needs through their apps. Those with good intention of giving importance to the customer care and services through these food ordering app will undoubtedly get good revenue in their business. These food ordering apps come with push alert notifications to the consumers to eat more of a food group they are lacking in. apps also give suggestions to the customer in creating grocery lists, gathering more ideas and gathering food from restaurants and healthy eating tips and diet plan and this is made possible through mobile technology.

What are the main features given by the food ordering apps and as a result how are the eating and food habits of the consumers have changed?

  1. Apps for healthy food

These food ordering app help customers to eat a simple and clean meal, designed from a menu formatted by the customers themselves and this comes with a target setting to be achieved. These keep track of the food consumed by the consumers on a daily basis and let the customers know if they have achieved the target set by them or not.

  1. Apps for making a meal plan

Customers who like to find the right food in the right place keeping their plan for eating healthy foods can go for these apps. The customers just have to tell the app how they are trying to live and at once come the help/guidelines from the app. These food apps will help in creating well rounded grocery list or getting a detail recipe and then go for a meal plan. It aggregates the grocery list along with the price of ingredients of the stores advised in the app.

  1. Diet and nutrition apps

These food apps make the customers stay straight and narrow by balancing their body weight through their diet trackers. Once the age, sex, height, weight etc. are entered the app woks out on how many calories can be consumed each day.

  1. Apps advising on organic food

With peoples’ interest in organic food movement the demand for organic foods and vegetarian foods have gone high. There are food apps specialized in guiding the people in getting real and good organic food and list out these items under different categories as: cuisine, dietary restriction, ingredients etc.

In all developed and developing countries where the economic status is catching up, the usage and the demand for the food apps is more. People look for good quality of food which doesn’t mean only taste and cost but also and health and nutrition based.

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