With increasing use of smart phones these days, apps have gained wider acceptance among people given the multiple advantages that they offer over traditional methods. Be it banking, booking tickets or ordering a meal, apps make it possible in a short span of time.

With the advent of technology, businesses are forced to adapt themselves to the changing environment to be relevant and competitive. While advertising and web presence has become mandatory for businesses, developing apps provide an added advantage in the market.

How food ordering apps can increase the sales of a bakery business
How food ordering apps can increase the sales of a bakery business

Food ordering apps are one of those apps that help customers place their orders instantly and enable quick delivery of goods or services. Given the perishable nature and short shelf life of their products, bakeries and restaurants are forced to invest in food ordering apps development for business efficiency and reducing wastage. For customers too, these apps help them to place orders quickly based on their preferences and have them delivered in a short period of time.

While customers can place their orders through websites and over telephones, food ordering apps provide a greater appeal as they are interactive, provide better visibility and can be accessed any time and anywhere. Menu presentation, user reviews, live tracking of orders make food ordering apps more interesting and popular among people. Also, with internet connectivity improving and data speeds increasing, these apps make it easier to place orders.

Bakery businesses can make great use of these food ordering apps given the highly perishable nature of their products, especially cakes and pastries. Also, the apps serve as a great platform to showcase their entire spectrum of cakes and pastries which may not be possible in their stores. For birthday parties or anniversary celebrations, people generally order by visiting cake shops and choosing the design and flavour of the cake from a heavy catalogue. It takes time and effort, making it a cumbersome process for customers.

By developing a food ordering app, a cake shop can display their cakes in a visually appealing manner. It can also be made interactive by providing customization options for customers. This can provide several advantages for both customers as well as the cake shop such as:

  • The actual look of the product
  • Price information based on the quantity
  • Popular items/fast moving items on the menu
  • Online payment or cash on delivery option
  • Re-use of information entered for future transactions
  • Possibility of tracking the order until delivery
  • Loyalty discounts for customers
  • User reviews

Some of the popular food ordering apps are food panda, swiggy and zomato. These food ordering apps let the users create their profiles and add their favourite restaurants or bakeries making it convenient for them to place orders with fewer clicks. These food ordering apps based on the customer location provide the nearest options for placing their orders.

While those in the bakery business can develop their own food ordering apps , it is more advantageous for them to tie up with popular food ordering apps of players such as zomato and swiggy. They serve as an industry platform and act as a database for customers to find the best and most popular eateries. They therefore increase the visibility of one’s business and contribute to the overall success of the establishment.

To illustrate how a bakery can improve its business potential through these food ordering apps, let us consider an example of an artisan bakery which owns a business in location A. The bakery is best known for its wide range of pastries and innovative cake designs. Its customers begin to recommend the bakery to their friends and relatives and share their experiences on online platforms such as zomato and swiggy. Based on the number of reviews, quality of items and service, the rating for the artisan bakery goes up. For customers look who for the best options, the artisan bakery figures on the top of the list thereby garnering more orders and popularity. This would also lead to customers downloading the artisan bakery’s own app resulting in increased sales and higher brand and recall value for the bakery.    

For those who are in the bakery business or interested in venturing into the business should investment more time in understanding these technical and marketing applications in addition to their core products. The current market place and these technological applications are both a boon and a bane for businesses. As positive word-of-mouth improves business prospects and makes one’s business a name to reckon with, the opposite holds true for any negative feedback proving detrimental to one’s business. Therefore those in the bakery business need to improvise and make their products innovative to have an edge over the competition. This coupled with technological tools such as food ordering apps would bring in the necessary leverage to sustain in the long run in the current over-crowded market place.

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