This is an era in which people don’t eat just to live. Food is now a part of almost everything like celebration, time pass, refreshing, get-together formal or informal and much more. Doesn’t it look like a great opportunity for the food business- to take large variety and delicious products to a big crowd out there that is hungry forever? Of course as always the business is heavily crowded too.  This heavy crowd can be converted in to huge revenue by the restaurants with the usage of food ordering apps.

How Food ordering apps can increase sales of eateries

But many restaurants think that having a technology support cost them more and also time consuming. But this is not true as a food ordering app not only will bring the customers in more number but also enable them to place food order easily. Technology is the best way of getting one’s business better and the restaurants must go for the food ordering app to be their marketing tool to increase their efficiency and revenue. Let us see the ways through which the food apps increase the sales of eateries.

  1. Technology is trend

More people access smart phones to make a purchase and by 2020, the number of smart phone connections around the world will be in billions. The rise in the use of smart phone s and the mobile food apps go together with a new generation of customers. This set of customers look for the latest technology that connects with a particular restaurant. This is the period how people spend money by interacting with the restaurants. It is the business trick for the restaurant to give the customers speed and convenience in getting food. These food apps provide facilities to order food from their place itself and the provision to pay for before the arrival of the food or once the food is delivered. Also through these food apps the customers can store their favourite food items for their future reference.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. are getting integrated with these food apps which get more exposure to the restaurants and it means bringing in more customers.

  1. No more Waiting

A food ordering app can hold back a frustrated customer who used to wait in a long queue. Travelling to a restaurant from the house, collecting the orders from friends and family members, placing the orders in the service counter by standing in the queue and then carrying the food back to the dining area seem to be hectic for a customer. But a food app takes the order from a customer from his place, gets the payment and delivers the food at his place. The customers if he prefers, can take away the food or can go to the restaurant in the specific time by booking the table in advance. The restaurant could provide better customer service when there is limited crowd as sufficient time is available for them to attend to them.

  1. Loyalty customers

The regular customers help the restaurants not only by their frequent visits but also giving recommendations to others in their circle about the restaurants. The restaurants using the food apps can keep a track of such customers and can honour them by sending special offers and deals. In general, any discounts or coupon can be offered to the customers through these food apps.

The restaurants can also easily track how many of the customers are utilizing the loyalty programme and how many times they have visited them. Also they can see how many users have downloaded their food app, how many new and existing users are accessing their food app etc.

  1. Customer satisfaction

If the restaurant, through their track system, finds that someone has not been to the restaurant in a while, then they can invite them back by sharing the images of new menu. The customers can have the full detail of a menu in an food ordering apps, which is usally not possible in the restaurant, when manual service is taken, and can decide upon the food order with in his budget limit.

The customers also can give or get reviews and rates, can browse menu which is frequently updated, fin location tack maps and the options for different payment modes-credit/debit cards or cash on delivery-from these food apps.

Customers feel very easy and comfortable as these food apps provide them service with transparency about a restaurant where they can go take their food without any disturbance.

  1. A penny saved is a penny gained

In the process of earning money one should watch out the saving part also as it matters a lot in increasing the revenue. The restaurants by using the food ordering apps get more customers online doesn’t mean only income they also save money by less utility of electricity, water and battery service because the crowd level in the restaurant is well reduced by the online food ordering apps.

In this busy world, with a great interest for new food items, the habit of consuming food from outside is becoming a trend and culture. People like to get good quality of food by getting the details from their place itself and food ordering apps absolutely fulfill their demand thereby increasing the sales of the eateries.

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