Production and Marketing are the two eyes for any manufacturing concern. I personally feel the production which is the stuff of the concern and it has to be with good quality; but at the same time marketing is the major factor which decides the success of the business. This marketing strategy is of many methods like banners, pamphlets, media based etc. the same is applicable for online food business also. Besides these methods the online food business can have a vital marketing strategy and technique to brand their restaurant. That is the most easiest and apt marketing tool which is nothing but the food ordering app itself. This is the place where people’s constant focus is on always. It should be used wisely and innovatively.

How food ordering apps can be your marketing tool
How food ordering apps can be your marketing tool?

Why to use the food ordering app itself as the Marketing tool? Because having an online presence just like that without doing online selling is of no use. The online marketing budget should be bringing in more sales; else people will forget what they saw online.

Without making people come knocking on your restaurant door, to invest money and effort will only result in allowing people do only window shopping. People actually have good money to spend online and hence they should be made to spend it. As a business man, it is the duty of the owner to transfer the food ordering app as his powerful marketing tool.

First of all, think what and how you want to sell, and then take the time to plan and decide the marketing for it. Then implement it.

Flexible Working Hours:

The restaurant may not work for 24 hours; still you can be available to all customers even when you sleep. This will allow flexibility to the customers to place the orders whenever they want. They just have to schedule a convenient pickup or delivery time within your working time. When you open, you just have to see the orders and start working on them.

Attractive and Clear Menu:

  • One of the best ways to promote online restaurant business is using high quality, impressive images of food and infrastructure of your restaurant. These days visual content plays very important role, in order to attract customers in mid of heavy competition.
  • Customize your menu and settings.
  • Specify all the options that customers can choose so that they know what they are getting and can modify their orders to satisfy their preferences-like no onion, no coconut etc.,

Updating the details:

It is very important that all your restaurant details are updated – including address, phone number, working hours, current menu etc.  The clearer and more accurate your online details are, the better the frequency of customers will be.

Coupons, discounts and other offers given by the restaurant should be updated and should support the occasion or the interest of the people.

Integration with Social Media

See that if the food ordering app enables you to have social media integration like Facebook and others, so as to get the restaurant more popular.

It should be allowing the customers who are impressed with the service of the restaurant for log in with social media or sending invitation

Delivery Mechanism

Another marketing tool for your online delivery business lies on the timely delivery of the food. The food ordering app should help the restaurant to carry out the delivery service without any delay. . The food ordering app also should allow driver to visit more than one customer at a time with its clear route and tracking system.

You have to treat all customers the same ensuring the quality in service. This should be done irrespective of the size of the order.

If you go for the app with live tracking feature which will enable the customer to check the status of their order in their phone and track it till it reaches at their door step, it will create a positive image of your restaurant thereby improving the business.

Being trendy and innovative

You try to use the food ordering app sensitively and fulfilling the demands of customers in an innovative way. For example the features of the food ordering app can be used by those who travel in trains can be considered. People on travel if they get such an food app will be very happy and will spread about this service among their friends and through social media.

Finally, partnership/tie up with a dedicated successful network company which will help develop targeted promotions, online strategies etc will develop the business to an appreciated level.

See that if the food ordering app is a branded firm’s make and works in trendy way which helps your customers to place orders on the go. It should be accessible to your customers by giving them the ability to order directly from your website, Facebook, twitter, Instagram page etc.

More importantly, don’t let your business slip away from you, hoping that others will take care of it. Make sure you always have a good holding on operations and customers through this wonderful marketing tool-the Food Ordering App!

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