With an increasing number of major chains of restaurants, small chains like coffee shops, bakery are forced  to look for new marketing strategies to  maintain a competitive edge. Still it is possible with today’s technology, particularly with the customers who carry smart phones and as we all know these kinds of customers are good in number. Having the right technology is an important part of running an efficient business. Thus the food ordering Apps have helped to improve order accuracy and frequency with payment solution.

How Food Ordering App can benefit the coffee shops
How Food Ordering App can benefit the coffee shops

A large number of coffee shops purchases are made by consumers on the way going to work. Those who have more access to the app are the students and the job goers and they are the one mostly attracted by these coffee shops.

Why Food Ordering App for coffee shops?

Many people visit coffee shop officially to get work done with their colleagues or personally for a pleasure sitting with their friends and family. Also many business people and organizations like to order food and beverages for their meetings and other programmes from these coffee shops. The home makers particularly in the western culture like to take coffee and other snacks during busy and hectic mornings.

Providing catering by accepting online order can be a wonderful way to increase sales.  The food ordering Apps allow customers to place their order in advance from their smart phone so their beverage gets ready on time to get delivered or to be picked.. Customers can order, pay and receive their coffee without the problem of standing in long queues. The long queues may irritate the customers and the frustrated ones may go to another competitive shop. Since the more hurried customers are not crowding up the shop, the rest can enjoy their beverage in a cool and relaxed ambience in the coffee shop without any hurry.

Features of the Apps

The food ordering Apps which offer innovative features to enable independent coffee shops will drive more revenue and compete better against chained giants for and for consumer service. These food ordering Apps enable smaller independent coffee shops to improve the business through mobile payments by offering loyalty incentives. In this, consumers receive rewards in the form of discounts and special offers based on their several time purchases.

Some food ordering Apps offer its customers unlimited coffee or other drinks for a flat monthly fee. They also offer shorter length subscription for drinks measured in required units. Once customers create an account in their mobile phone they can choose from one of many coffee shops to select a drink based on their subscription kind. This is a kind of third-party service and it allows consumer to change their choices for the coffee shops rather restricting on to a particular brand. So the coffee shops also have increased the coffee brands to give the customer various choices to coffee.

Hence the coffee shops enjoy increased foot traffic and ability to complete with bigger food chains. Still, to convince the consumers to adopt mobile payments, there meant to adopt mobile payments, there must be additional incentives tied to the transactions.  

Social media links

In addition to a food ordering App, the coffee shop should have active social media profiles. The link to the media where the customers register their satisfaction about a coffee shop will definitely bring in more other customers and thereby increase the sales in the shops.

Complete Profile

The Food ordering App helps the shops to present their complete profiles which will increase the exposure and thereby welcome more business. Logo should be uploaded and business images, contact details, hours of operation; location map etc will get reflected in the App.

Accepting Reviews

Whenever a customer shows an appreciation towards the products or the service of the staff, it should immediately be taken as a review. The review site should give a direct link to the email service through which the owner can request for a review from a customer and it is also easy for the customer to do so by giving the reply.

On the negative review, the owner should put himself in the customer’s shoe and analyse the situation. He can rectify or ignore the issue based on his findings and decisions.

If the reviewer continues to bother, then a human interaction can be made by giving them a call and settle it down.

Many people consult online review sites before deciding what coffee shop or café to choose. So these small business owners should be careful in generating positive reviews, limit negative comments and to increase the number of new customers.

To conclude today’s technology makes it easier to serve the customers better. Features like enterprise reporting, gift card and customer loyalty marketing and taking payment solutions are additional factors which will develop the business. I t also should be remembered that the continued success of any food ordering app will depend on improving customer satisfaction. Take free demo of food ordering app here

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