Restaurants were in a position to brand themselves in a separate food ordering app, where the chances of the people to browse through was limited as they did so only when the need came. Unless these food apps are downloaded, the possibility of the restaurant getting exposed is very less. They all were in a need to enter the platform where the traffic of the customers was more and consistent. Then entered the “facebook messenger “.

How Facebook Messenger can act as your customer care executive for Restaurants

In the F8 conference by Facebook they announced their release of messenger bots platform. From then on, many branch have been experimenting their agreement by attempting the platforms of Facebook messenger for sales, marketing and customer service objectives. Facebook messenger helps common people to reach their friends whenever they are in need. Using the existing data plan, people can text, voice or video call their friends through this messenger for free. They never miss any message anymore and also they can know whether the message sent by the other is seen by the other end or not. As far as voice is concern, people can converse with a friend or can go for a group conversation also. Facebook messenger enables quick switch between multiple conversations with in app notifications. One can get free push notifications on their smart phones or tablets, so that each message is seen at once as it arrives.

Once the messenger is installed, all messages and contacts will be waiting in the app. One can see the messages in the Facebook website also.

Facebook messenger, the official Facebook app not only enables people to send/receive text messages but also lets them to continue the conversation on the computer after sometime The conversation is done by keeping the chat windows open: may be with several people at several time and then each conversation is kept in a bubble which can be later moved around the device’s screen conveniently. One more excellent feature of the Facebook messenger is that people can receive sound and vibrating alerts every time they receive a message. They can even respond from phone to phone by normal text messages to a friend who does not have Facebook account. VOIP voice calls can be made within the app itself.

Another attractive feature of the Facebook messenger is its collection of stickers and one can make the conversation live by personalizing the conversation through these stickers.

In this technologically shrunken world, almost all people have smart phones which means they are into some social media integration. So Facebook messenger has made the sharing idea among people very easy. When sharing becomes easier, marketing and branding a business becomes easier.  Like any other brands, hotel chains and fast-food chains have started using the order a head feature that is integrated into Facebook’s messenger app.

Brands that use the messengers

Hyatt is one of the first brands to use messenger for customer service. They used this option as a way to have meaningful conversations with their customers in a closed and private environment. This messenger app has now become an important part of their around the dock customer care efforts.

Customers too can now order their food using Facebook messenger.

That’s how Facebook messenger acts as the customer care executive for this brand.

The wait-free dinning app startup launched a lot that allows lunch diners to interact with local restaurants using Facebook messenger on their phones and computers. This also enables customers to make reservation, preorder and pay.

Facebook messenger as a customer care executive

  • Consumers can just open their Facebook page and use messenger to find a place to eat by zip code. They don’t have to download any other app using social media. A list of restaurants from high end option to fast casual chains with locating map feature pop up, which gives the distance between the customer and restaurant.
  • They can book a table for the day or next day and then choose from a selection of meals to preorder.  The payment also can be done in advance, if the customer wants to, which will save the time. Finally the consumers can give comments and share images if they like to.
  • The customers can pay with a credit card they have on file with Facebook and they do not need the restaurants accounts.
  • The app installation is easy and for free.
  • Customers can get tempted on the pictures of the delicious food and place order through the Facebook page. When they click on the ‘Menu order’ option a new page with the menu is opened. They can choose the food they want and place an easy request to order from the restaurant through this page.
  • The customers can get all the details about the restaurant like the location, contact numbers, service time etc. from this Facebook page.
  • Finally we know that people spend a lot of time chatting with their friends in Facebook and hence Facebook has created a great opportunity for the restaurants, like for other brands, to offer a cross-platform service to the people where table booking and food ordering are combined and given to the customers

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