Traditionally Cafes, Restaurants and Takeaways have Brick and Mortar shops. The customer will usually pop into the cafe in a rush and wait in the line to make an order of their favourite Cappuccino or Latte; in the restaurant wait for the waiter to take the menu order and in the takeaways wait a bit longer for their meals to be cooked and delivered into their hands. Over the years we have seen many tech advances in the Food Industry. But in the recent times with the boom in the Apps, Bots & Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software, businesses in the food industry are working on developing and providing innovative services to their customers ranging from the Food Ordering Chatbots on Messenger to food delivery robots in restaurants and the customers’ doorstep.

If you think that these tech advances are only for the big brands and tech-savvy businesses with money and human resources, then you are mistaken. Creating and Collaborating B2B innovative solutions have been proved to be an effective strategy for small businesses who wants to be trendy with their B2C services. For example, Dominos Pizza has a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger using which customers can order Pizzas directly from their Messenger, but Reach Accountant has gone one step further and created a chatbot combining the Food ordering chatbot and the Accounting Software to get the small business management further simplified with an all-in-one solution.

Business Benefits
Using Reach Robo Cafes, Restaurants and Takeaways can not only make use of this current chatbot trend but also
– receive payments for the menu orders
– income & expense management
– inventory management
– accounting sorted on the go
– instantly send a thank you message
– send promotions and discount codes
– instantly get customer feedbacks
– exactly know the sales revenue made every day
– replace the work done by the sales agents
– save the cost of hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant
– make Making Tax Digital (MTD) easy for Small Businesses

Customers Benefits
In this fast paced World, Technology helps us to be more productive
– customers can order food on Messenger for collection
– get instant payment receipts as PDF
– avoid the waiting & processing time
– get served on time in Cafes, Restaurants & Takeaways

With Reach, Small Businesses can have a customised chatbot with their logo, business address/location shown on a map and display different menus, provide excellent customer service and get their food Business simplified. Try our Demo Chatbot to see how a Restaurant business might look on Messenger.

We have three pricing options to choose from
Annual Plan – Pay upfront & after that only 20% for renewal every year
Monthly Plan – Fixed cost every month
Commission Based – Variable cost of 10% of the revenue
We can white label our product for bulk orders. If interested, please get in touch with us.

Unlike some AI bots which can lead to a repetitive and unpleasant user experience, ReachRobo Food Ordering Chatbot is straight forward and easy to use. With the options provided by our chatbot customers can have a more pleasant food ordering experience. Businesses don’t have to be a big player in the Market to adapt to these modern trends. Reach Accountant has made it possible for the small businesses across the globe to combine the Food Tech, inventory and Accounting on the go at an affordable price.

We also provide Ordering Chatbots for Supermarkets, Jewellers and Clothing Retail Stores; Accounting Chatbot for Freelancers, Sole Traders & Small Businesses and an Appointment Chatbot for Service Providers like therapists, consultants and photographers. We have more innovative chatbots coming soon from Reach. We keep our customers informed via our Facebook page, so do follow us on Facebook.

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