Now a day’s many food startups are not only using Face book or Twitter ads to attract potential new customers. These budding companies are now taking to micro marketing verses mass marketing ads. From sending you hot and exciting offers when you are hungry and eager to buy food and are ready to give you great deals and discounts, when your are traveling on trains with a wait listed train ticket or on your long flight journey or when there is a possible delay in your flight timing due to any bad weather conditions. Even some of the budding eateries go crazy on offering deals and offers on wearing a particular dress color code or dress type.

Food ordering apps are a boon to Food Industry Startups
Food ordering apps are a boon to Food Industry Startups

Many startups are weaving new strategies and ideas to know when, how, where and who to exactly tap in, to attract possible potential customers. For instance if you add 3 dishes to your online food cart on food ordering app and you does not check out in next 20 minutes, you will get a notification from the food ordering app encouraging you to complete the order. If a customer orders non vegetarian dishes on a regular basis, they will also get offers on vegetarian dishes during the fasting and festive season from the food ordering outlets through their food ordering app.

The startup food tech industry has been undergoing and changing the map journey of each user and does send out push notifications and alerts to those users who order on specific days with offers on the frequently ordered dishes. If they usually order on Fridays and they haven’t placed an order for three to four consecutive Fridays the ordering outlets remind customers of them. The food ordering app in this way helps to improve the conversation rate with the customers as the ordering is impulse based. These food outlets preserve customer data for many years to engage with users. The preserved data contains information on cooperate orders, the time of Orders, size of orders, heavy customer food traffic locations, city specific data and rural Specific data. This data is collected and tracked by food ordering app.

Mobile food ordering app engagement platform which tracks app performance by taking into consideration the customers usage of other business apps like ticket booking app, e commerce, food ordering and delivering app and local travel app. These are the major categories stretching towards micro segmentation with as small as 8% to 12% of customer base. Location based segmenting is frequently used by consumer food ordering apps.
For e-Commerce food based companies cart abandonment is an issue which can be mitigated through micro segmentation and for hotel room booking startups, it helps in ‘up selling’ and ‘cross selling’. In Food tech Industry, startups are quickly adapting the new technology and techniques than the bigger and elaborate companies which are still hesitating and testing the new waters.

Startups incorporating food tech are investing there valuable time and energy in Micro segmentation which can help in re installation of food ordering app among those users who have uninstalled these food ordering apps. Some of the startup companies like Reach Robo are targeting the potential customers who have uninstalled food ordering apps by sending them emails to reinstall the food ordering app. This type of strategy has worked out in many cases and the customer re – engagement rate is raised by about 15%.
The positive customer come back ratio has been noticed because of the feedback and courtesy emails send to the customers asking for their painful and difficult points for their withdrawal from the app to backing out and uninstalling the food ordering app. We also send out personalized emails for those who have been traveling on trains to get their food orders delivered directly to their seats or berths in train coaches at some of the major railway junctions or railway stations, where the food outlets branches are located. Even this can be done for some of the bus travelling customers by delivering the food to the certain town bus depots and bus stops on a long journey through food ordering app in advance. With the help of food ordering app you can store the data about customers vacationing and also the usual time of travel has been tracked through GPS and accordingly you can provide your food delivery and services to the customers. The startups in the food tech industry had stared integrating new fintech solutions. It has been a great initiative took in the food industry as the customers can go card less by online payment portals like PayPal, Pay TM and Truss or by cashless by paying with the credit and debit card. By deploying various payment options one can increase the customer traffic to the food outlets by incorporating different models of technology and techniques in food industries.

So the next time when you are hungry just tap on the food ordering app which can prove to be great helping hands for you and your friends.

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