Change is the only concept that does not change. So many aspects in man’s life, may it be dressing, clothing, transportation, shelter, eating and drinking, work place and habits have kept on changing and every time the transition happened, along with few frictions, there came definitely a development. Changes bring more comforts and take human kind to the next step of modern life.

Food Ordering App versus Manual Ordering in Restaurants – A comparison
Food Ordering App versus Manual Ordering in Restaurants – A comparison

Manual ordering

When people started eating food from outside shops, there were small hotels and restaurants which were scattered and spread and one had to spend more time in reaching them to get food. Now-a-days, we see many food courts particularly established in shopping mall, airports; park etc. What is a food court? It is a place where more than one restaurant or food stall is found and with a common area for self-serve dining. The way food is ordered and taken either in a single restaurant or in a food court is the same – mostly manual service!

Disadvantages of manual ordering

Food is ordered from a limited menu and the list of orders from the members of the group to be collected and to be taken to the service counter by standing in a queue. Here in these restaurants the food is cooked in bulk and packaged for order. The food can be consumed there itself in the common dining area or can be taken away to eat in a different place like home or work place. So on an average, time taken by a person to travel to a restaurant and to take his food after standing in a long queue, is nearly an hour. Every restaurant needs a person at least in each of it work area-food delivery, payment etc and it is difficult to find employees who are ready to work for an average salary.

The next challenge faced by the restaurants is the competition in the food service segment. Each restaurant looks to attract customers from other restaurants to increase their own traffic. So restaurants are forced to demonstrate innovation and creativity like for example they are expected to update the menu frequently. People are not fast decision makers and the manual ordering system puts a lot of pressure on the restaurant staff as well the customers. With manual ordering, information has to be written down and copied more than ones. It is quite possible that two orders get mixed up resulting in a chaos. The manual order service is mainly dependent on individuals(staff) and hence it becomes a mandatory that restaurant spends money on training the staff continuously to keep them motivated and to ensure they follow the systems and procedures correctly.

So it is very obvious that the manual food ordering system requires a lot of manpower to handle all the processes from the time of ordering till the delivery of the food to the customers and the amount spent on this is considerably huge.

Food ordering app

Evolution is the matter of the fittest. Evolution happens when the need to look for a solution for the existing problem. The solution for the problems faced by the manual food ordering system is nothing but the online food ordering app.

This online food ordering app helps the restaurants to maintain a better business relationship and hence becomes the key factor for the successful business. What is online food ordering app system? How is it better than manual ordering? How does it work?

Advantages of food ordering app

The restaurant got integrated with a food website or food ordering app through which it reaches the customers in their place itself without more budgets for marketing. Through these food ordering app, the restaurants can display their menu which they are able to update easily as per the need of the hour. The customers on looking at the menu can plan a meal for himself / family/ friends within his budget and can place the order online. The food ordering app has the provision to make customer feel happy in choosing the mode of payment-credit/debit cards or cash on delivery and the way to get the food- to have in the restaurant through advance table booking/ to take home or to get delivered at his house.

By this the confusion and chaos is taking the order of the food is solved. People also love to order food online as it is more convenient and save time.

Food ordering apps give the customers the review and ratings of the restaurants with attractive images. Restaurants offer discounts and coupons during special occasions and special treatment to the regular customers all through these food apps.

To take one step further, food ordering apps have started giving food tips on health, diet and organic sectors- by which the customers can go for a healthy and nutritious diet- and this may not be possible if they opt for manual food service.

Ultimately for the restaurant, the money spent on water, electricity and battery charge is saved because the crowd will be limited and under control. The restaurants which are into the technology and allowing food ordering app in to their business are making revenue more than those who are not!

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