Reach is a Chatbot as a Service (CaaS) provider based in Bristol. Reach provides FinTech and FoodTech products for Businesses on Facebook Messenger. They have recently launched a Food Order Taking Chatbot on Messenger for Meat and SeaFood Businesses in the United Kingdom. It is an innovative Business Automation Software for the businesses in the Meat Industry.

Innovations are happening in the Meat Industry from Farming to Butchery, Processing, Food Services and Retailing. While the established Traders are making use of this, the Small and Medium businesses still lag behind due to the lack of awareness, digital skills and resources required to meet the growing demands of the market.

Currently, there are about 32.5 million Facebook Users in the United Kingdom. To grow SMEs have to tap into this vast ecosystem and the rise of Messenger bots has made this possible. Unlike the Food Ordering Apps, Food Ordering Chatbots don’t require a download or installation, and it is easy to use.

Jasmine Edwin Emerson, CEO of Reach Accountant UK says “While the Customers can order products on the go, directly from their Messenger using our Reach Robo customised Chatbots. Meat Traders can take orders via mobile, receive payments, manage delivery, use it as a Marketing tool for retargeting customers by sending notifications and promotional codes, as a customer service tool for providing instant updates to the customer about their order and as an Accounting tool for monitoring the Cashflow to scale up and grow their business ”.

It is one of a kind service available for the Meat Traders in the United Kingdom. To explore how it works, search for Food Order Taking Chatbot on Messenger and just ping Hi. Reach offers a 14 Day Free Trial to explore the value of this Technology to double the sales on Mobile. Meat traders can show off their products using their custom made chatbot on Messenger for the NATIONAL BUTCHERS WEEK which is next Week.

Reach aims to help the Butchers sell more locally using this Food Order Taking Chatbot technology and the social media marketing techniques. To get started all a business needs is a Facebook Page, Photos of the Food/Meat products and home delivery or takeaway service. Even if you do not have these, Reach can help you do that.

To know more about Reach Robo Accounting Chatbot and Food Order Taking Chatbot visit Reach Accountant Website


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