Food bots are the chat bots which are interactive bots like robots specifically designed and build as a communication tool in problem posing and problem solving in modern technological and dynamic environment.

What are Bots?
are the tools for communication. They have become an integral part of online business Portals. Bots are the tools which can be used in group, chat and as information provides for your business or any other channels. Bots helps to communicate with your clients via chat or group.
Bots provides you with relevant content sharing stuff like you tube videos, online or Web pictures, GIF’s and articles quickly and instantly. And at times Bots are part of software like bakery software or restaurant software where we use food bots. Usually they are third party applications that can be used or bridge with your current software.In some cases it cannot be integrated with other software.


What a food bot can do?
1. A bot can provide you with relevant content when communicating online.
2. Food bot can get integrated with other third party applications and external services. For instance clubbing exercise app with diet plan chart app.
3. Food bot can be used to collect, store and reproduce data.
4. Food bot can set up automatic alerts when there are offers or discounts from various online food outlets or online restaurants.
5. Food bot can give you reminders to place food orders for breakfast, lunch and dinner by sending you a reminder message at the time you set.
6. Food bot you can purchase food and food products from online stores and restaurant without any need to login on website or dialing the phone numbers. You can order the food directly clicking the button.
7. Food bot can represent as smart and virtual newspapers, where you can get relevant food related content or news you want to choose from you.
8. Food bot can enable you to make good marketing strategies by giving your online food sales a perfect boost  by creating and sending sales promotions and promo codes to the right customers at right time.
9. Food bot can be used as an alternative to human work force by responding to the clients or customer queries.
10. Food bot offers you to choose your favourite food from the menu list and take the food order instantly.
11.Food bot helps to book and reserve tables at restaurants.
12.Food bot can give you the nutritional value and the number of calories loaded in food you order. It can also simply estimate the number of calories and suggest you the ideal menu, you can consume relative to your BMI.

How to communicate with a food bots?

 Bots are a type of online accounts where you do not require any mobile or landline number to get started with. Food bot can be interacted in following two ways…
you can start a chat with a food bot by adding them to your chat or chat groups and then send messages and commands to food bot or chat bots like reach robo where u can order food as it is a restaurant food bot.
The other way is you can send request to the food bot directly from the input slot by typing bot’s @username and the comment or a query. By this it enables sending content from bot to directly into any channel or group or chat.

How a Food bot works?
The request, messages, queries and commands send by clients or users are diverted to the software running on your server with the help of food bot‘s intermediate server, all your messages commands and get hitched with encryption and thus helps to communicate with food bots for you. Users can communicate with servers via http-interface.

How to get started up with bots?
You just need to start typing your bots username followed by your message or commands and get started. communicating or interacting with the food bot from the text input slot right from any chat or chat group and get started up when bot receives a message or clients query, the bot turns up with some list of suggestions. When you click on them the solution or result is sent to the clients current chat page. This is how you can ask queries from the bot from any of your chats or groups or channels.

What happens to your chat history?

Bots online or cloud storage capacity is limited. The server may clear the older queries, messages and commands data after a limited short period.

Can a bot start a conversation or communicate on its own with its users?
Yes. It can start a conversation automatically. But some of the Bots cannot start a conversation with its users or clients. It is the user who should start interacting with the bot by sending queries or messages or commands to bot at first place.  Even when bots are added to a group or chat list they do not receive all the queries and messages sent by group members by default.

Can we add more than one bot to the chat group?
Yes, you can add more than one bot to your chat list of group then you can add username of bot followed by commands to avoid confusion. This can be done automatically on selection of commands with the help of some pop up suggestions.
For example: A username of bot can be started with @foodbot or @musicbot.
A command is always represented by the syntax slash ‘/’symbol and to create a command you can use letters, numbers and underscores.
For example: To start a conversation with the food bot you can start as mentioned below
@reachrobo/get_foodorder from restaurant London UK and you can stop the conversation by command ‘/stop’. Or instead of command simply you can send message also to the food bot.

Is group chat secure with Food bot as one of the member?
Yes your group chat is secure, if you set the settings of the bot with privacy mode. It will not receive any messages that the members of the group are sending. Unless it is instructed with slash command. So the requests, messages, queries and commands with syntax ‘/’ are alone sent to the bots but not all the messages of group chat.

Chat bot are future communication tools of modern world. So get yourself civilized and evolved with the evolution of modern technology the Chat bot or Food bot.

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