If you are still using that bad password habits like creating simple and weak passwords to protect your business accounts data and information, then be warned that someday it may lead to leakage of sensitive information and data from your company and as well as your personal life. It is a well-known fact that people across the globe are still put their online safety at risk by making bad password decisions and simple password mistakes that may have far reaching worst consequences. This might seem obvious but many people might not realize that they are falling into the trap of making simple password management mistakes. These mistakes in turn are effectively leaving the open unauthorized access to the bank accounts, business files, emails and so on.

9 ways to protect your digital business life
9 ways to protect your digital business life

Many people use same password for multiple accounts which means that if one password is leaked then several other accounts can be hacked. Generally people use weak passwords that are easy to crack and store their passwords insecurely on the notepad to help remember them which is ultimately defeating the point of having password at all. Even if the password is strong this leaves a user vulnerable because other people may see and use it. It is also a common norm that many people share their passwords with family members and friends which is paving the way for the passwords to be unintentionally leaked out to others.

So, here are some of the ways to protect your digital business life.

Two component authentications for email
By preferring this feature and turning it on provides you with a dynamic and multi layered security and safety. Whenever your email is accessed from a new device, a secret code is sent to your phone via text message to access the inbox. The two component authentication can also be set to protect you are social media accounts like Face book and Twitter. This double or sent occasion authentication also works for you online accounting software to keep your documents and files most safe and free from hackers.

A Vault for your PC hard drive
Without your knowledge if someone games access to your computer it may it can be possible that he or she would have access to all your files if there where unencrypted. You quote alternative reuse a file wallet add bit locker luckily to protect your PC hard disc.

Using highly encrypted Online accounting software to protect your Business data
Business owners should monitor the entire business network’s activities, in order to manage information and data access and restrictions to the employee to detect events that could lead to a data breach and detect any possible trespassers before it occurs and to prevent data loss. Business owners should consult with other business partners or top loyal employees to decide and confirm which data is sensitive and should be restricted depending up on the position of hierarchies.

If business owners do nothing, imaging that nothing can happen to them, may lead to dire consequences, then it’s only a matter of time before a security hack can happen and these  security issues can result from scammers working on the inside or employees not being educated about the risks of bringing their own devices to work. By incorporating a 256 byte highly encrypted Online accounting software like Reach Accountant Online accounting software to protect your Business data and information can save you from serious business damage.

Put your webcam under cover
It’s always a good and safe bet to cover your with webcam with tape paper in this way if someone has found a way to compromise your computer are hacked your computer IP address they cannot spy on you through its camera yes it can happen anytime to anyone because there’s so many illegal and black hacking software which can put you in risk by hacking your computer.

Browser plugin called https can be used everywhere
By using the browser plugin code https you can ensure that you are always using the secure form of websites and that your connection to the site will be encrypted so that you will be protected from various form of hacking and surveillance  from unauthorized
people and sources.

Incognito or masquerading mode isn’t always unrevealing
You may be in such a hurry to use this feature available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari that you might not heed to its clear warning that it can access most of your data on your device. Opting for an incognito mode doesn’t mean that you are hiding your browsing history from your Internet service provider or from your employees or the websites or the other apps you will download on your mobile phone, says a Chrome warning. You can opt for a browser that allows private web activity if you want to be confined and in incognito mode.

Encrypting your messages by a cypher
Inscribing your scrambled data so that no one can decipher what it says without a key. This type of message encryption helps you to conceal your data and information by converting the data into a code or cypher. It is done especially to restrict unauthorized access to your data and information without your prior knowledge or permission. You can encode data in a security form of cryptography to conceal it from others. Some of the messaging apps like WhatsApp inscribe or encrypt its messaging process service with strong cyphers so that no one can corrupt with its customers messaging data.

A countersign for your passwords
You might be always opting for a most complex and difficult passwords but in the process of making new combinations of passwords is inconvenient and irritating to recollect and retrieve one’s memory. To resolve this problem you can go for a Password Manager that can store many passwords with one master password. You can set a calendar reminder to change the master password on periodic intervals so that no one can tamper with your account, computer or interface. It is always better to make a multi layer security which could help you to remain safe and secure.

By creating different combinations of passwords
It is always a good idea to use a combination of numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, upper and lower case letters with the maximum length and size. By using this type of password combinations it is very difficult to crack them. It is also one of the ways to safeguard your data and information from getting leaked or hacked.

These are the most effective and cyber savvy password security ways one has to go for to create the best passwords that no one can found in the One’s dictionary. Best password should be long with upper and lowercase letters, punctuation Marks, numbers and symbols. It is also recommended to the people that using a password management solution can help them remember and generate strong passwords to minimize the risk of hacking their accounts data and information.

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