In the modern environment bots are built and designed in huge numbers to fulfill different tasks. Bot can help you to make your job easy and everyone from human social bug to a critical e-commerce shrewd is looking forward to get interfused with different kinds and varieties of bots for all their stuff to get accomplished in a faster and sophisticated way. With the speed and phase the bots are moving, we can expect them to dethrone other ways of communication as more and more businesses are opting for the artificial intelligence, you can have instant access to complete information and data bases through which a bot can instantly process your thoughts, needs and desires.

9 Most Trending Bots in 2017
9 Most Trending Bots in 2017

Chat bot
like chat bots are also called as chatter bot are built and designed for conservational interface with human for customer support in e-commerce business, gaming partner, call centre or just for fun. A Bot’s artificial intelligence stimulates a real person to chat or converse with it. Based on function they are two types of chat bots, the one with the designated set of rules and the other one with advanced artificial intelligence.

News bot
News bot are the informational bot which can update you with news notification and sends the content via face book messenger. A news bot is an online smart and virtual newspaper which sends you instant news you are interested in as soon as it is published and announced. For instance, if you select a particular restaurant you are interested in food. It will send you all the food related news, updates and the particular restaurants which are offering discounts and promo coupons. You can customize the topics you want to get updated on or receive news so you can always be ahead of others. So you can always be updated with Reach Robo’s Facebook messenger.

Food bot
Food bot enables you to order food, reserve tables at restaurant and get nutritional chart of the menu what you order. You can get the intimation of discounts and offers available at restaurant. You can also set alarms, alerts, remainders and notification for food service.

Business bot or Transactional bot
Business bot
are the automated bot which carry on business interactions with the clients on behalf of humans to accomplish a specific business related queries and transactions. These bots can produce specific customized solutions to the clients’ queries.

Gaming bot
There are loads of video game bots available in the market. It imitates as a human and acts like a gaming partner or to practice and also to play against humans. Gaming bots can make you feel with the real time video gaming experience and thrilling. You can play simple games like temple run, car racing, kingdom expansion to capturing games and a lot more. It enables single player or multiplayer games.

Personal Assistant Bots
A bot can provide you with timely customised alerts and notifications for the topic you choose from. You can also set time reminders to book tickets for movie, reserve tables in restaurant and book travel tickets. You can also set alerts and notifications for new updates and discounts offered by online shopping portals.Bots are the artificial intelligence tools used for weather forecast, language translations, coding transcriptions, responding by answering client queries and for aligning and formatting the content.

Social Bots
Whenever you are on social networking chats, social bots can provide you with relevant pictures and images, music, Wikipedia articles, GIF emotions and YouTube videos. Bots have the ability to enhance your chats with quality and relevant content from external sources and services. They are the future communication tools that human world can rely on them.

Editing bots
By using editing bots, you can edit the messages you have already posted without deleting it. This bot works wonders to edit your photos and also it gives a wide scope for you to upload your own designed stickers, masks, drawings and other fun stuff on your photos. The bots are also loaded with their own list of fun stuff you can choose from. You can also create your own photo GIF emotions and pictures. It also provides you with a preview option to view your edited content.

Storage and view bots
These bots have a cloud based storage facility which can store audio and video chat or group chats. Customized history including photos and messages can be stored easily and safely wrapped up in your personalized online storage driver. You can access your storage drive at any time on any device you get connected to and you can view, edit and also share your stuff with others.

For every function different types of bots supports you to make your life easy and accessible to the point of you want to reach. All these can be done by simply chatting with the bot.For further reading on bots you can go through our articles here

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